👥Who is it for?

Those who want to validate their own transactions rather than all network transactions

SPV Wallet can be used in place of the BSV Blockchain node software to validate transactions and make outbound payments.

Accepting payments in this way is better for compliance purposes because your server communicates directly with counterparties. This allows KYC and AML data to be validated prior to any payment negotiations, domain specific controls, and many configurable options to meet requirements in your jurisdiction.

Running SPV Wallet in place of a full node leads to significant cost savings. This saving is due to the disparity between relevant transactions for the exchange, and overall network transaction volume. The average transactions per second settled on BSV Blockchain has been trending up rapidly for the last few years and is expected to skyrocket as we go forward. This will inevitably drive up costs for full node operators, and raise the corresponding demand for SPV Wallet solutions.

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