BSV UTXO & xPub Management Engine

It gathers all methods which are used to store and transform information about xpubs and transactions. To use SPV Wallet you need a SPV Wallet which will be connected with engine.

SPV Wallet Engine is a part of SPV Wallet.\ It can be also used as a standalone library.

It stores database models and methods to interact with them. Moreover it does all of the work related to transaction - broadcasting, syncing, etc.

It interacts with nodes using Arc API (default option). We use go-broadcast-client to broadcast, query transactions and ask for miners policy.

This package requires configuration to be set up.\

As you can see in the example below, you can use loadBroadcastClientArc to load broadcast client with arc nodes from the configuration.

func loadBroadcastClientArc(appConfig *AppConfig, options []engine.ClientOps, logger *zerolog.Logger) []engine.ClientOps {
	builder := broadcastclient.Builder()
	var bcLogger zerolog.Logger
	if logger == nil {
		bcLogger = zerolog.Nop()
	} else {
		bcLogger = logger.With().Str("service", "broadcast-client").Logger()
	for _, arcClient := range appConfig.Nodes.toBroadcastClientArc() {
		builder.WithArc(*arcClient, &bcLogger)
	broadcastClient := builder.Build()
	options = append(
	return options

There is also a possibility to use engine with go-minercraft library and mAPI but it will be deprecated soon.

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