Alert Messages

The alert message format is standardized for all message types. Depending on the alert type, the message can vary in format.

Signatures are calculated on doublesha256(Version || Sequence Number || Time || Alert Type || Message Body), where || is byte concatenation and will be encoded using just r, and s and the 1 byte header to guarantee a fixed length of 65 bytes.

The alert message format for each type is defined elsewhere. The important detail is that the alert type defines what associated action the Alert System should perform.

Prior to the release of Teranode, the Alert System interfaces with SV Node over the RPC interface. Below is a list of the supported Alert Messages and their associated RPC calls:

Alert Messages are valid when they are signed by 3 of 5 current Alert Key Holders. Alert Messages increment by sequence number, and the initial message referenced by sequence number 0 contains the following Set Keys Alert Message:


This message is the valid genesis message for the mainnet instance of the Alert System. The public keys associated with this message are:

  • 02a1589f2c8e1a4e7cbf28d4d6b676aa2f30811277883211027950e82a83eb2768

  • 03aec1d40f02ac7f6df701ef8f629515812f1bcd949b6aa6c7a8dd778b748b2433

  • 03ddb2806f3cc48aa36bd4aea6b9f1c7ed3ffc8b9302b198ca963f15beff123678

  • 036846e3e8f4f944af644b6a6c6243889dd90d7b6c3593abb9ccf2acb8c9e606e2

  • 03e45c9dd2b34829c1d27c8b5d16917dd0dc2c88fa0d7bad7bffb9b542229a9304

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