This document serves as a reference for the protocol of the BSV Blockchain, which is an implementation of the original Bitcoin protocol.

BSV Association

The BSV Blockchain network is open for participation and usage by anyone. It uses a native token (satoshi) as a mechanism for paying fees to write to the ledger. The custodian (or steward) of this network is the BSV Association. They are a non-profit organization which acts on behalf of the inventor Satoshi Nakamoto (the Issuer and distributor of the native token, creator of the database, and Bitcoin Protocol). Their work involves maintaining free-to-use, open-source software for the participating entities known as the network nodes.

As stewards of the network, the BSV Association monitors and ensures its protection from malicious activities. They also create and maintain open-source utilities and software tools and contribute to a wide range of community services to advance blockchain technology.

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Even though BSV Blockchain is an open and public network, it has a non-profit entity, the BSV Association, that works as the steward for its operations and ensures legal and regulatory compliance with global jurisdictions.

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