BSV Blockchain

Single public blockchain which can scale for global usage

The BSV blockchain implements the Bitcoin protocol in its original design. It offers various capabilities that enterprises can harness to gain enhanced and novel capabilities that were not possible before the invention of the protocol.

It is critical to understand that the bitcoin protocol is β€˜set in stone’ and cannot be altered by any authority. It draws parallels from the TCP/IP internet layer on which the complete digital economy relies today. This is important as applications require the protocol to be stable as any change will have a cascading effect to change them.

Like any other protocol, bitcoin protocol is nothing but a set of rules, categorised as global consensus rules, local configuration rules and communication related rules.

The following sections describe some of the key elements of the BSV blockchain and summarise capabilities unique only to the BSV Blockchain.

The term Bitcoin comes from an amalgamation of words, Bit (Information) and Coin (Money) making Bit-Coin, a protocol which creates a fusion of money and data

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