SV Node

SV Node is a full node implementation for the BSV Blockchain, developed by the BSV Association. It allows users to run a full node on the BSV network to validate transactions and blocks.

The SV Node software is written in C++ and focuses on performance, scalability, and enterprise-grade operations. Key features include support for massive block sizes, parallelized validation for high throughput, fee management controls, security hardening, detailed logging, and monitoring integrations. SV Node aims to provide a robust and reliable full node solution for professional use cases like mining operations, enterprise applications, and service providers building on the BSV Blockchain.

This documentation provides an overview of the SV Node software, but it is not intended as a definitive source for dictating settings that miners should or should not use. Instead, it serves as a guide to help you understand the architecture, system requirements, and steps for deploying the software. Before proceeding with the installation, it is recommended to carefully review the sections on architecture and system requirements, as they contain essential information for running SV Node effectively.

Contacting us

If you should experience any issues, or have a query, please do not hesitate to contact us via one of the methods listed below:

More information on security, bug bounties and responsible disclosure for SV Node can be found at the Immunefi BSV Bounty Program.

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