Startup Script

For convenience, there is a helper script with the SV Node software release that will automate the startup of the Alert System in conjunction with the SV Node daemon. This script will startup the Alert System and wait for it to be synced and healthy prior to starting the bitcoind daemon. To view the help for the script, run:

$ python3 -h

This script assumes that the alert-system, bitcoind, bitcoin-cli binaries are in the system's PATH.

Example when using the SV Node installation guide:

# ~/.bashrc
export PATH="$HOME/bitcoin/bin:$PATH"
export PATH="$HOME/alert-system:$PATH"

It also expects that the user has configured the needed environment variables as outlined above for the user-specific configuration.

Example call

ALERT_SYSTEM_BITCOIN_CONFIG_PATH=/home/user/bitcoin-data/bitcoin.conf \
./ \
-conf=/home/user/bitcoin-data/bitcoin.conf \

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