Deployment guide to run your own SPV Wallet

Step 1

Set up your own AWS account with sufficient credit or a valid payment method.

Step 2

Register a root domain name you would like to use for the wallet. This will be how counterparties address users of your wallet: The domain will be used as a root domain, and the cloud formation template will create subdomains under it.

Step 3

Pick the AWS region closest to your customer(s). To determine which region is closest to your current location you can use a service like Cloud Ping.

Step 4

Launch the software using one of the CloudFormation template links below for your chosen region.

If you don't know which link to pick, just use us-east-1.

Step 5

Fill in the required template settings:

  • Stack name - this name will be dispayed on the list of Cloud Formation stacks in the AWS console

  • Domain name - type the domain nama that you registered at the step 2

  • Hosted zone ID for domain - choose exactly the one that is matching the domain name above

Step 6

After submitting stack creation it will take up to 30 minutes to create all resources. You can check the status in the Resources tab.

These subdomains will be created for the application





What resources are created?

ยท VPC with CIDR

ยท EKS Cluster with a Single Node Group (2 x t3.small instances)

ยท Wildcard certificate in ACM for provided domain

ยท Route53 entries for Bux components

ยท Load Balancer Controller for EKS

ยท SPV Wallet Components:

o Web App & API

o SPV Wallet Server

o PostgreSQL Database

o Web Admin

o Block Headers Service

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