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Send and Receive funds using SPV Wallet

Account Setup

After initial setup of the SPV Wallet you will need to set up an account within the context of your own wallet such that you can receive the initial funds.

To begin, navigate to https://wallet.yourdomain.tld replacing the latter part with your own domain, keeping only the subdomain wallet. Hit the "Sign up now!" link to create a new account.

Receiving Funds

First to operate you need funds. This can be from any Paymail wallet which supports p2p payment destination, and either receive raw transaction, or receive BEEF transaction.

This includes BSV wallets such as HandCash, Tokenized, Centi, Signavera, Relysia, and others.

Simply copy the paymail of the account you just created. It will likely be something which looks like your email address, but the domain will be the domain you just set up for the wallet to use.

Use the regular payment interface of the external wallet to make a direct payment into the wallet. It should show up within 2 seconds.

Sending Funds

You can send to counterparty wallets using the Wallet App.

Defining a counterparty by paymail, and setting the amount to send is the first step to define a draft transaction.

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