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SPV Wallet Admin console is an admin panel that allows for viewing (and in some parts integrating with) SPV Wallet data.



  1. Create an env-config.json file in root of the project and put SPV Wallet URL (localhost if you run locally):

  "apiUrl": "http://localhost:3003/v1",

If localhost doesn't work, try putting as the url.

  1. Run SPV Wallet Admin

yarn        # to install
yarn dev    # to run
  1. Enter the url in the browser (usually localhost:3000) and log in with your xPriv.


  1. Create an env-config.json file in root of the project and put SPV Wallet URL (localhost if you run locally):

  "apiUrl": "http://localhost:3003/v1",
  1. Add a volume with this file in docker-compose.yml:

      context: .
      dockerfile: Dockerfile
      - '3000:3000'
      - 'env-config/json:/usr/share/nginx/html/env-config.json'
  1. Run docker-compose

docker-compose up -d
  1. Enter localhost:3000 in your browser and log in with your xPriv

What it offers

  1. Admin Dashboard

    • You can quickly jump to useful links from here (like xpubs, transactions, destinations, paymails)

    • Viewing transactions and UTXOS (not implemented yet)

  2. Registering an xPub

    • From xPriv

    • Or just by pasting an xPub key

    • Added xPubs are shown in XPubs list

  3. Access Keys

    • View access key data

    • Revoke access key (not working - probably a frontend problem)

  4. Destinations

    • Viewing addresses and locking scripts of destinations

    • Seems to be creating a new destination every minute

  5. Paymails

    • Allows for viewing paymails

    • Revoking paymails (not working on local env because of CORS and some other errors)

  6. Transactions

    • Viewing transaction data such as timestamp, sender, receiver, hash, etc.

  7. +Transactions

    • Recording a transaction by passing Transaction ID or Hex string

    • Generic error messages, but looks like it's working fine

  8. UTXOS

    • Showing spent and unspent UTXOS data

  9. XPubs

    • Viewing xpubs

Project structure

  • App.js - entry point with all Providers

  • route.js - routes to pages

  • .env - env for specifing some titles and SPV Wallet URL

  • src

    • components - js components like dashboard, listing, etc

    • hooks - some useful hooks

    • icons - icons used in the dashboard

    • pages - explained here

    • theme - MUI Themes

    • utils - simple js functions

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